Security, usability and budget economy - choose any two characteristics for your project.

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Security, usability and budget economy - choose any two characteristics for your project.

Oleksii Sannikov

Need Help Fixing a Hacked Wordpress Site!!! This howl of despair I came across on freelance website publication today.

We, as a team, that earns daily bread by developing different soft, including web projects, when the time has come, also came to the question “What should we choose to built our website?”.

Having wide range of competencies and a list of technologies to choose from, the issue was extremely complex. We have contracts, and to find some extra resources for development of our own website - that was a challenge.

It should seem, that here it is - your solution, built on WP. You just need to buy a good theme and maybe customize.

Cheap, fast and convenient. Yes!

But it was not as so, as it seemed.

During first six months of website existence on WP, it was hacked three or four times, and our technical director used gross language as a longshoreman and persuaded us to stop using WP. After the last hacking, we have run out of patience. We put a block on the website, allocated resources and rewrote it, in our opinion properly.


Popular platforms for creating websites, especially those, that are made by website builders, draw a heightened attention to crackers. Commercial themes can also be vulnerable (accidental or intentional). Plug-ins that are greatly increase platform opportunities is another security hole.

What should you do:

  • If you decide to use such a platform - pay attention to security issues and try to predict all the expenses on specialized professional.
  • Web projects, that are built as custom solutions usually have higher security due to the fact, that they do not have standard security vulnerabilities. If you have an opportunity, then order your project development from scratch selecting an adequate developer.

Keep in mind, that the Internet is not as safe as many people think.