Verification of the suggested technology stack

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Verification of the suggested technology stack

Criteria for choosing a technology stack.

Oleksii Sannikov

If you think about development of your own service, than it is 99.9% that this is in reference to development of product for market. Your project has a commercial purpose, the logic and strategy of monetization and the economic feasibility, that is mean that making any decisions or choosing solutions in the product development is not the last factor.

How to choose the right technology stack?

Your criteria in choosing technology stack can be described below:

  1. Popularity of technology stack in the market. 
    If you choose a popular technology stack, most likely, it will be well documented and high developed. There will be a lot of specialists, who can help you with the system development and support, in a case if you break a contract with development team you have chosen before.
  2. Relevance of technology. 
    The technology can be sufficiently developed, but more modern alternatives may be available already in the market. In this case, you can have a risk, that in few years today's executives will infuse with the new technology method and the support of your project can gradually rise in price due to the lack of experts.
  3. Maintenance cost of server infrastructure. 
    If your application requires licensed solutions, then this will obviously affect the payback of your project. The size of this impact depends on project scope and expected monetization revenues.

This is probably not an exhaustive list of criteria for you, as a client, to verify your project technology stack. Also, you may have additional considerations and arguments, but you won’t miss these key points.

You can get answers on these questions 1, 2, 3 on your own (just made a small desk research) or with the help of the topic experts. As well as, you can make a request to your development team, why they have chosen concrete technology.

Choosing technology stack, there is a risk, that in the future, generally, you may have a problem with a lack of experts in the market and rise of cost of your system support, but it will be reasonable from the standpoint of the technical aspect of software development. Then it makes sense to discuss with the contractor an opportunity to replace a technology stack or conclude an agreement for system support on long-term basis, that will be sufficient to fulfill the key tasks of the project. If you know positively, that suggested stack is not very suitable for you, and developer couldn’t offer an alternative within his/her competencies, then it has a point to keep searching for new developers, who can offer you what you need.