Why is .NET?

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Why is .NET?

Criteria for choosing a technology stack.

Oleksii Sannikov

As you understood there are no good or bad technologies and programming languages. There are those, that are appropriate for your project and those that are not appropriate.

Codein.Software has a powerful competencies in .NET technological stack written on C# language.

How have we got this competency? Because our team and our developers from other projects (often from fintech area) have taken part in developing powerful software systems, where have been mentioned criterias, which are described below:

  • system reliability;
  • zoom features;
  • on-loading operational stability.

.NET technology stack meets all these development requirements, it was created by Microsoft, and it is still supporting and keeps developing.

Due to the fact that Microsoft is the implementer of almost all stack components, there achieved maximum of compatibility and performance reliability. Also, if applications were created with right-side architecture design on .NET with C#, it would demonstrate sufficient operation speed.

Nowadays, there are a lot of developers choose .NET C# as their main specialization, so it’s a reasonable technology for your future project, even in order to search the potential developers for system support or development.

Where is the .NET better to use?

First of all, it's about enterprise solutions, high-load solutions, with a high reliability and security requirements.

For example:

  • ERP;
  • online banking;
  • financial portal with microcredits and payment transactions;
  • large data portal like Stackoverflow.

If you are going to create a project with general big website, private user area for partners, working offline mode, external integration services (like Google Maps), CRM and integration of reporting system, this means that .NET will be worthwhile here.

For more simple tasks there are other technologies, such as PHP (LAMP stack), where Codein.Software can give also good expert evaluation.

If you have additional question, which is stops you from making a final decision, please, contact us! We will help you to find the right solution and start your own project!