Embedded and IoT development

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Out team has experience with custom software development and product prototyping for various embedded platforms ranging from
Java Cards through connected micro controllers like Particle Photon/Electron, ESP8266 to full-scale IoT platforms like Intel Edisson, Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi and Odroid C series and existing “software-customizable” devices like WiFi routers and access points.

We work with various protocols and technology stacks

EVDO/UMTS and Ethernet/Wifi (IEEE 802.*)

Digital narrow/midband


Narrowband audio

e.g., AM/SSB/FM radios

Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)



OS/Platforms like

Contiki/Free RTOS/mbed/Linux and NetBSD (ARM,MIPS,MIPS/EL) are all good candidates for us to work on.