Client Application Maintenance

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Successful companies need support.

Your company is successful. You have your own infrastructure and working software systems that are deployed, configured and moving your business forward. And every software system must be to be supported, maintained and modified from time to time.

When the time comes, you will need to improve business processes, upgrade hardware infrastructure and/or software systems to offer new services to your clients. You can only be successful when moving forward. This is where support services for existing systems come in handy.


CodeIn Company offers its own services for support and modification of your existing software. If you want to use the experience of our team in your own projects, you can choose any type of services from the list below, which can be provided as part of a complex software development project from scratch or separately.

Quality Assurance

Create and deploy new function

Performance and usability optimization

Troubleshooting and recovery of information systems

Support of software and network enviroment

Your business - is to earn money, our business - is to free up your time to make more money.