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New challenges of new era.

Information and personnel have always been and always will be the most important assest of any company. The information era accelerates the business speed but also creates new ways and methods for the bad guys to obtain critical information that companies want to keep in a private environment and/or trespass on the IT/telecommunications, often using human weaknesses just as effectively as technologic shortcomings.


We provide network security audit, software audit, pen testing services and network building services. We work with our customers to build an accurate profile of what your primary business function is, where It threats can come from, and what your goal of security assessment should be. It is done to ensure that the performed work meets your exact needs and not just easily performed or resolved itself to a bunch of coincidences against standard checklists. We would be interested in on long-term cooperation with our clients to ensure they can get the hight-quality professional security audit services that meet their real needs.
Every service from the list below can be provided within complex project or separately if you need use our team expertise in your own projects.

Company network security audit and pen testing

Compliance audits and social engineering pen testing

Creation of custom secure communication products

…that provide encrypted voice, IM and email communications over public networks, including 2GSM, CDMA 1x and higher-bandwidth mobile networks.

Application security audit, including web-app security audit

Creation of secure communication networks

using *nix solutions

Look at our Success Story

Ukrainian Cyber Police


New Ukrainian police department of cyber crime investigation needs to hire staff. Cyber police authorities need the professionals in this area to help with interview.


CodeIn professionals were invited to an interview with a new cyber policeman to choose the best person for hiring.

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