System Integration

If your software doesn't communicate - you play in a team with a deaf-mute players

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The Key.

If your company use several software products for doing business (which is especially frequent after merge&acquisition deals) you often find that everything works perfect until you have to exchange data between programs., e.g., analytics.

One more example of such a problem is when you have a game portal and would like have to use a client profile in more than one game or a virtual currency in different games. Or there may be cases when you’d prefer to add single sign on function to you software, or make sure your ERP installation works with your accounting software doing government-mandadated accounting. Or perhaps you have two systems with two different database backends and you would like to have them use one or use identical data in each of the databases.

The task of creation of fast, secure, reliable data exchange systems between different software platforms is going to be a hot one in any case for quite some time. And the answer is systems integration.


The Codein Company can provide system integration services for you.
Our specialists will find with you the most efficient methods of integration and technologies to use on pre-project basis.

Integration / motion data between different databases and port applications

between Interbase/Firebird, MSSQL, Oracle/TimesTen, MySQL and PostgreSQL

Integration with payment gateways

Integration with external services (public API and so on)

Direct integration of client software with eather built-in APIs or using custom-developed connectors

Creation service data bus applications to make company’s software work together

That how we do successful integration projects

Quality Assurance

Application optimisation

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