Building contact-center

  • more than 20 projects
  • $2,9 mln of total turnover
  • 5+ industrial competencies

Contact-center is one of the main opportunity to create channel of comfort communication between company and its clients. Company should be available for consulting and solving client problems with all possible communication channels 24/7 if needed.

Contact-center infrastructure building may be nontrivial task for the company. Pre-project research  and architecture design mistakes will cost low productivity, unstable connections and/or futher development.


Company CodeIn can help you to create infrustructure, develop and integrate, deploy all software you need to start contact center work. Every service from list above can be provided within complex project of software development from scratch or separately if you need use our team expertise in your own projects.

Performance optimization

System testing

Integration with CRM/ERP

Development, integration, deploying software

Optimal complex solution creating

Architecture create

Consulting at stage of pre-project reasearch, technical requirements list creating

Finding best connection channels, hardware facilities specification, building analytics

We use different products when building contact-centers

Cisco – The most powerfull and stable solutions. Wide range of hardware and software products. Industrial standart solutions.
Asterisk – The most popular solution between open source contract-centers.
A huge amount of tweaks, a lot of additional modules allows to make best configuration for client purposes.
Freeswitch – Open source phone platform, that have several advantages and can be best choice in some cases

Create effective channel to communicate