Enterprise unified communications design

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Telephony is important part of any business. It can be one of the main channel to communicate with client or modern marketing tooks or may be business instrument by itself. 21st century telephony is fully-digital, allows phone usage on premises and off-premises, provides for roaming/number portability and more. Any size companies need trouble-free and flexible solution to communicate with clients and internally with features like call forwarding, internal number portability, meet me / follow me, call queues, call pickup, voicemail, voicemail-to-email and fax-to-email, VoIP/mobile-bridge/LCR external call routing and so on. We can help you build your own telephony solutions both with opensource-based systems using Asterisk or FreeSwitch and Cisco-UCM based with mobile integration.

Enterprise converged messaging

For the company that have active marketing communication with clients, have to inform client about account status, upgrades, new services and so on, we can suggest solution for TCP/IP-based messaging and/or email/SMS/EMS/MMS

Value-added telecom reseller/Telecom operator solutions

Creating your own business that is based on commercial messaging, creating content-selling business, telecom services for other companies or in the bounds of big company (SS7-based carrier voice and SMS/EMS/MMS, VAR/VAS services, including location-based and cross-technology messaging, private GSM networks, whether real or virtual (MNVO).

Enterprise telephony

Big company need trouble-free and flexible solution to communicate with clients with feautures like call forwarding, internal network, queues and so on. We can help to create such a solutions both opensource-based and Cisco-UCM based with mobile integration.

Services that CodeIn company offers

Every service from list above can be provided within complex project of software development from scratch or separately if you need use our team expertise in your own projects.

Consulting at stage of pre-project reasearch, technical requirements list creating

Finding best connection channels, hardware facilities specification, building analytics

Architecture create

Optimal complex solution creating

Development, integration, deploying software

Integration with CRM/ERP

System testing

Performance optimization

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