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  • more than 20 projects
  • $2,9 mln of total turnover
  • 5+ industrial competencies

Every successful project raises our competence level and increases our professional knowledge.

We do have a significant amount of successful projects. But we would really like to tell you about some of them separately. These are projects with some unique technical specifications that we have implemented or interesting ideas implemented under challenging conditions.



The game portal had a huge number of automatic content checks. The information derived from scanning was used to get advances in gambling.


We get request from our customer to solve this problem. We have implemented a solution named CodeIn.Antiscan.


The implementation of the solution completely solved the problem of real-time scanning and protecting odds data from being used in a few popular fraud methods.

Ukrainian Cyber Police


New Ukrainian police department of cyber crime investigation need to hire staff. Cyber police authorities need the professionals in this area to help with interview.


CodeIn professionals was invited for new cyber policeman interviewing to choose the best one who will be hired to the service.

Intranet WEB-portal for bank


Big amount of normative and regulatory documents from the National Bank of Ukraine, new banking products, services and marketing promos and internal corporate events, employee support and a few bits more – are what had to be brought for use to all of bank employees.
In a banking environment, quality of customer service suffers a great deal because of low speed and disordered information flow through the bank departments. Loyalty of employees (and, eventually, customers) is negatively influenced by low personnel involvement in bank’s life and events.


Creating an intranet internal bank portal to serve as the communication platform for employees, implementing corporate newspaper and internal document flow, allowing for proper management of internal information starting from documents and ideas discussion up to inter-department coordination and a full-featured document archive with intellectual search instruments.
Use MS SharePoint as the backend for the project was mandated due to bank’s preference towards and extant investment in Microsoft products, such as SQL Server, Microsoft Office and Exchange.

Codein was hired to implement the solution.x


Intranet internal bank portal wich was improved could rise the speed of new bank product starting and new personnel adaptation. Also in the future plans of bank HR development is online personnel certifikations on the base of this portal.

Price Register of licensed medical products

Customer: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Short description: The register is a government-run information service that helps the government exercise control / regulatory power over the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine in the fields of licensing and price controls, allowing for monitoring prices on medical products and comparing them with prices in other countries.

Implementation: We have implemented a fully functional accounting/tracking system in accordance with customer requirements, including electronic data input forms, system administration tools with role-based access controls and a comprehensive logging system. All features of the project were fully deployed starting from technical specifications for system’s parts up to installing the system and private customer support.

Technologies: MS SQL 2008, ADO.NET, WinForms, FastReport for .NET

Number of system’s end-users: ~15 users

World Of Crew


Internet start-up needs a new team to continue developing its mass-market system. There is a system, which contains two native mobile application, IOS and Android, and back-end, created on Node.js.


We started to work on this project in March and launched this applications within 1 month. At the moment, we have improved over 10 new features and continue to work on it.

Other successful projects

Other successful projects

Our specialists have been involved in a number of other important projects, as analysts, developers or project managers.

Before joining the team Codein, our engineers took part in implementation and deploying docflow systems for a number of ministries and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and also system of documents exchange between executive agencies of Ukraine. For that time was used a progressive architecture – three-tier architecture, Oracle DB, application servers and client application were created with Borland Delphi. Built-in VB Script added flexibility to business logic of the system. All systems were created and deployed in strict conformity with security requirements, using software and hardware protection such as digital signature, hardware encryption and so on.

Automation of management of the social services to the citizen.
Our engineers took part in creating a system for automation of management of the government-run social assistance to the population in Kazakhstan. System was implemented in the architecture of customers requirements – a client-server architecture, Oracle DB backend (with PL/SQL logics) and Delphi 7.0 -written clients. The system was deployed for all regions of Kazakhstan.

Contact center
A contact center was built up for the Ministry of Labor of Kazakhstan. The contact center provides services to Kazakhstanis informing them and consulting on issues of employment and open vacancies (with filtering by region, speciality, salary level and so on), pensions and social benefits, oralman / repatriation program support, and services for people with disabilities and special needs.

The contact-center is built up with cisco hardware and uses the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX 7) with some voice processing performed on Cisco SBC routers with Cisco TCL IVR (for some of the voice features only available in more expensive Cisco UCCE/VoicePortal offerings) and FreeSwitch on Linux servers. The systems processes up to 4xE1 (120 voice channels) of calls with up to 20 operators, and, in addition to voice calls (one toll-free short number for Kazakhtelecom and all mobile operators), can handle incoming request via its SMS portal, e-mail and web-portal; system operators and clients can also participate in multimedia conferences (through integration with Tandberg system in the Ministry, for instance, for system’s showcasing).

Audit and concept creation for reengineering of the information system has been performed at the request from the State Database Real Estate Register of Kazakhstan. Architecture concept was created with using of Oracle + ADO.NET data services Astoria + WPF(Telerik/DevExpress components)

We can give you more details about our projects and our competences upon request.

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