Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance – it’s essential part of software development.

Projects involving systems integration, complex heterogeneous backends, big data processing, near-realtime data processing, and otherwise complicated architectures require specific testing methods. For a complex system, it is vitally important to test not only the documented interfaces per spec, but also perform various kinds of stress tests, systems’ reaction to software, hardware and external network malfunctioning and so on.

  • We strive to find the optimal way to utilize all known testing methods for a particular project.
  • We use scenario testing, positive and negative testing, stress testing, integration testing, module testing and a lot of other types of tests.
  • We use unit tests and automated testing components using appropriate solutions.


The CodeIn company performs extensive testing of software while developing its own projects and provides other developers or product users with solutions of their testing needs whereby we identify possible bottlenecks, optimize existing functions, create automated tests and/or fix problems found in the customer’s software system.

Scenario Testing

Integrational Tests

Positive|Negative Testing

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