Modern logistics is impossible without modern technological solutions. The transportation of a large number of goods from production to ultimate consumers in the age of globalization set quite difficult tasks.

Logistic operators and manufactures come across many pretty tricky problems. Our expertise lies in the fact that we have our own vision that allows market operators to solve the following tasks:

  • Optimization of smart processes of shipment, incoming goods, transfer of the goods with control from large parties to item of goods
  • An opportunity to have online information about residual stock, stock in retailers, on the road, etc. Products can be sold out, but for some reason a new batch is not ordered. In such cases, the product supply can be lost, and the niche can be occupied by a substitute or a competitor;
  • Get information about the actual route of goods shipment from production to the supermarket shelf;
  • Counterfeit or faked products. Frequently, the batch of goods that has been required and contracted for one territory is found on another, sometimes the quantity of officially shipped goods does not match the actual quantity on the market, in addition, the part of the goods may be counterfeited by unconscientious counterpart-producers.

The Codein company has expertise in solving some of the raised problems for which you can use some developments from previous projects. We can build and integrate solutions that will allow you:

  • to implement transparent intellectual marking of goods, batches of goods and its shipment, which, consequently, will allow the manufacturer or logistics operator to receive quickly the exact information for 100% about the compound of the batch, that is located at the current logistics point;
  • to control with accuracy of every unit of good which is sold through the distribution warehouses and retailers sales points;
  • to find out about the availability of counterfeit or faked goods in the retail network;
  • to have a direct relation to the ultimate consumer and get a product review about the quality of particular batch, also suggestions according the product quality improvement.

The implementation of such complex projects has shown the ability of the Codein Software team to solve non-trivial problems and conduct systematic analytical work.