New challenges of new era.

Information and personnel have always been and always will be the most important assets of any company. The information era accelerates the business speed but also creates new ways and methods for the bad guys to obtain critical information that companies want to keep in a private environment and/or trespass on the IT/telecommunications, often using human weaknesses just as effectively as technologic shortcomings.

So, it is obviously that all business flows in the company should be performed in accordance with internal cyber security policy and all software and networks must be protected as well. But in general, it is enough for company to perform initial setting of these rules and network configuration. And than just perform a cycle checking of system status or perform some urgent work in the case of some system vulnerabilities. In this case, it is inefficient for the company to have its own cybersecurity specialists on a full-time basis, this is more relevant for ordering outsourcing cybersecurity services.