AntiScan protection

Your information must be protected

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We at Codein will create  and deploy your own build of our proprietary Antiscan system. It helps to protects your site from unauthorized data grab by robots and automated odds comparison systems used for arbitrage betting against sportsbooks.

As with any security system, the CodeIn Antiscan™ is a compromise between closing as many potential vulnerabilities as possible and the browsing/betting comfort of the client. An ideal security model can arbitrary combine both of the above without any repercussions, but in real life that is rarely the case.

We help our customers with finding the right balance between protection of data on their website and the end-user experience.

Integrated approach of the CodeIn.Antiscan

Allows legitimate clients to use portal in a comfortable manner,
while providing an efficient counteraction to 3d-party data mining software.

Protection on client side

We use special algorithms for antibot protection and certain data protection features at the application front-end.

Protection on the network side

We employ  a special nginx (perl and/or lua) based web application firewall (WAF).

GolPas case


At least two teams of hackers routinely grabbed data from the game portal to use it in automated arbitrage betting; in doing so, the grabbers created a significant system load to the back-end servers.


Codein was hired to create a solution for mitigate the problem. We created and deployed a customized build of the CodeIn.Antiscan system.


We effectively ended the practice of fraudulent  automated arbitrage betting against the portal. The solution implemented helped  reduce data leaks to all-time lows. In just three months after the project started, we were able to reduce the arbitrage betting against the site by three orders of magnitude. rs. That proves a high degree of efficiency of our solution.

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